Nanaimo Moon


light through darkness

and thick smokey fog,

like an eye that

watches over the Harbour City.


its beauty entrances

those it catches

with eyes peered upward

towards the glow in the sky.


it’s our moon,

its chest out through

the fog and cloud,

brightly loud with pride,

just like us.


a game of peek-a-boo

it loves to play,

while you stand cold

and shiver, all bundled up.


get lost in the luminescence

of its mischievous grin,

gone until another night,

the Nanaimo Moon



The Empathic Drain


The basic definition of an empath is one whose empathy goes beyond being able to understand someone else’s feelings. Empaths have the ability to actually feel what the other person is feeling and not only at the same moment.

This is the empathic drain. The feelings an empath picks up can linger, from a few hours to even a few days. It depends on how strong the feelings and the energy that goes along with those feelings are.

People don’t realize that the energy they carry with them has a huge impact on not only their own lives, but the lives of others, especially empaths.

Don’t get me wrong, being an empath can be extremely rewarding. It means you really care about the people who come to you. Especially, if they have a possible problem they’d like you to help them solve or are going through a really rough patch in their lives.

Putting it as a curse would be too negative. In my opinion and experience, I haven’t quite seen it bad enough to be considered as so. Instead, I’ll say that it can be very troubling.

If someone is going through a rough patch in their lives, possibly their own rock bottom and they come to you for comfort and a sympathetic ear, it means you will feel their rock bottom. You will carry their emotional weight along with them because they emotionally transfer it to you. Meaning, you can become emotionally drained. Their negative energy can tie a bow around your heart and you may act, let’s say not like yourself.

After leaving the person you just had an interaction with your mood can change. This can make you extremely cranky, really sad, angry, tired, and it can impact those around you, almost like a nasty negative circle. If the person you were just with say, was feeling really sad, your body and inner empath might not necessarily outwardly act sad. It may choose to surface how it reacts to the person and/or situation as it wants to, and can be pretty sporadic. Those close to you may be able to tell when you’ve been around certain people as to how you are (act) afterwards.

This is not to say that the person who confided in you meant to bring you down with them intentionally (although some do). It’s just what happens when you are an empath, part of the territory, so to speak.

To be able to feel what others are feeling can help with understanding a person’s situation if they confide in you. Not to mention, gives you a better understanding of life itself. It opens up a much wider spectrum of feeling, emotions and energy, bigger than anything you could ever imagine.

The trick is trying to find ways to get your own energy back and recharge so that you aren’t carrying around the energy of others.

To combat the emotional pull that others’ energy can have on you, do something that gives you some form of enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment or relaxation. For some, it could be meditation, bringing yourself back to center, focusing on your breathing. For others, it could be anything from standing outside in the rain and screaming at the top of your lungs to putting on your favorite music and perhaps sketch a drawing.

Life is a huge emotional war, whether or not people choose to admit it. We are all our own life warriors, fighting each battle as they come. Let’s keep fighting to win this war!


New Year Resolution? NO! New Year Bucket List!!!


It’s a brand new year and, of course with that usually comes these unattainable, pointless “resolutions” people decide to set.  This is what it has become as the years go by. Once upon a time, people did actually attain these goals.

This actually dates back to the Babylonians, who, at the start of each year would make promises to their gods to return borrowed objects and pay their debts. January, is actually named after the god Janus, whom the Romans began each year by making promises to. Knights back in the Medieval era would take the “peacock vow” to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry at the end of the Christmas season each year.

As aforementioned, the years go by and the tradition of the “New Year’s Resolution,” has become a joke, as many make these resolutions but never obtain them or even try to obtain them.

The last two years people have basically said “Fuck 2016” and “Fuck 2017,” as there have been some really bad downfalls personally and globally.

Rather than having a “New Year’s Resolution,” why not have a New Year Bucket List? That way no matter how the year has gone for you, the year will have “kicked the bucket,” at midnight on the next December 31.

This is not the same as a “resolution,” although, the goal is to be positive. Make yourself a list of attainable goals (or at least closer to attainable as possible), and as you complete each goal, tick it off the list.

You don’t even have to reach every goal on the list, as long as you strive towards accomplishing something on the list you’re making a positive change. Maybe make a couple of lists, one for yourself and one for you and your friends to do together. The goal is self-improvement, which has gotten a bit lost in the “New Year’s Resolutions” tradition.

Here is my list:


Let’s have a great 2018!



Slow Burn Cinnamon Stick


Shaky, and anxious

mind wanders

grab a stick of cinnamon

hold the lighter steady

watch the flame take hold

breathe deeply


calm fascination

as the stick turns to ash

the white-grey smoke

travels through each crevice

have to reignite the flame

every few minutes

try to not burn fingers

while lighter carefully in hand

each breath more deep

more calm, the mind

at peace, in the moment

the smokey scent engulfs

the room and lingers

after the final piece

can no longer burn

the dark inside the body

hidden within the soul

suppressed by

the slow burn cinnamon stick


Ode to the Cookie


Oh Cookie my dearest cookie, how soft and sweet

kept contained by my side why must you call to me?

My hunger for you causes me to cheat

on my poor stomach who aches to be free.

You’re a habit I just can’t quit.

Every time I bring you to my lips

and bite into your soft exterior

the taste of you makes me quiver, I must admit.

It’s sad to know you’re going straight to my hips,

so, I keep my distance away from my mirror.


You come in many disguises

from chocolate chip to shortbread with cherries,

and you have many shapes and sizes.

I should make the better choice of berries,

or perhaps a crisp, juicy-sweet apple.

But your hold on me won’t let go,

I can’t shake this addiction of you.

Even when you’re hidden away,

you’d still somehow know

that my tongue and body call to pursue.

But I must not give in to you, I must not obey.


I must try to break this hold

you have on me, I must be bold.

Try new things and not be sold

every time I see you again;

I cannot run and hide.

I must stand tall and hold my pride,

do my best and try not to slide

back into the grips of your seduction

almost as if it were an abduction

and you were really the one who took a bite of me, amen.

In the Evening


When you feel

The urge to eat

It must be time to

Go to sleep


if you can’t seem

To go to bed

Think about the

last time you read


Pick up a book

And open a page

Let the words take

Away the hunger rage


Perhaps have a sip

Of your favorite tea

Upon your lips

Careful and carefree


But If the pain of hunger

Still decides to linger

Perhaps turn to YouTube

For a zinger


Let the laughter

Soothe the void

that you used food

To try and destroy


Don’t let this addiction

Create friction

Or make restrictions

It can cause a bad infliction


It’s your life to live

you need to forgive

Yourself and strive

to be